Valentine’s Day and Apologies

I realized I hadn’t posted anything since December! I’m so sorry! I wrote posts in my head with a promise to sit down, but alas, life was a bit hectic there. I’ll make sure we don’t miss a month again :)


Valentine’s Day is a very touchy subject for a lot of couples, especially new ones, but even old pros can look at Valentine’s day with some dread. Are you going to celebrate together? Will there be gifts? What are the expectations? Should there be some mystery, or will you end up exchanging disappointment and resentment this year?

I love Valentine’s Day. At this point, winter has been grey, cold and all the pinks and reds and colorful hearts are a welcome change before the endless winter continues. Plus, I really like holidays that give me an opportunity to say “I’m glad you’re around!” (also why birthdays are super awesome). For me personally, yes. I want to celebrate it. I love cards, flowers and spending time with someone I like.

Every couple is different. One of my close friends gets jewelry from her husband. He likes buying her jewelry and she likes receiving it. In return she arranges the grandparents to babysit for the night, buys something fancy from Victoria’s secret and cooks his favorite meal. They enjoy romance and making the day an event.

Another couple I know order a pizza, and play a game with their kids(who get candy and cards). Their gift is expressing their feelings, not having to cook, and having family time. Couple time is still important, but they’re not overly romantic. After the kids go to bed, they exchange cards with each other and enjoy the quiet together.

Then there’s a new couple who are celebrating this year. They’re exchanging cards and small present, have dinner somewhere casual then watch action movies together. They’re romantic, but they’re not ready to be romaaaaantic. 

And finally there’s the couple I know who HATE Valentine’s Day, and ignore it. They stay in, and do whatever they wish. Because they can.

There’s no wrong way to celebrate the day. Or ignore it completely. The thing about Valentine’s day is to talk about it ahead of time and understand each other’s expectations. Not like a “So let’s discuss our Valentine Values” but something as simple as

“Valentine’s day decorations are out”

“Ugh! I hate valentine’s day!”

So you don’t want to celebrate?”

“Ugh! No!”



“Valentine’s day decorations are everywhere!”

“Oh that’s nice. It’s a little early, but I enjoy it”

“What do you like about it?”

and now you’re having a conversation.

Enjoy the holiday!


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